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Hey! - Single


LOCATION - Sydney, Australia

RELEASE DATE - 23 November 2022 (via MGM)

"As soon as it (White Sneakers) landed in my inbox I had a suspicion that they'll become a favourite of Aussie pop fans, and I think in time I'll be proven right."
Ben Madden - Cool Accidents
"...I am liking their infectious energy. They are perhaps the smiliest girl band I have heard about in years. It is this sense of sweetness about them, that is unfeigned and without pretence that endears me to them."
Mandy Rogers - EQ Music Blog



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PEPTALK are your wholesome friends giving unsolicited advice.


Boasting two thirds queer, two thirds POC and all three thirds female, PEPTALK is determined to be the positive representation they longed for growing up. Made up of Jay-Lee Kwan (keys), Lara Frew (bass), and Phoebe Sinclair (lead vocals), PEPTALK’s presence has a comfort and confidence that only time and genuine friendship can bring.


Each songwriters at their core, together they have written for artists and producers in the USA, Canada, Sweden, South Korea, France, New Zealand, UK and at home in Australia. Their most recent achievement, independently landing their first K-Pop songwriting cut with Rumble-G's “Every Other”, has collected over 613K views on YouTube alone. Together, Lara and Phoebe also produce PEPTALK under their moniker 'Middleman'.


Formed on a mutual adoration for songwriting, pop hooks and iconic women in the music industry, PEPTALK is influenced by the likes of Remi Wolf, MUNA and HAIM. Their DIY debut release White Sneakers premiered on Aussie tastemaker blog Cool Accidents and garnered media coverage in Australia, UK, USA, Argentina, Mexico and New Zealand. Their vibrant follow up idk earned them their first Apple Music editorial playlists and airplay from tastemakers Triple J. Fresh from performances with Sydney Fringe Festival, Parramatta Lanes Festival, and support slots with Cry Club and Vetta Borne, PEPTALK are back with their next energetic single Hey! Releasing on November 23 PEPTALK bring their infectious energy along with a fierce desire to befriend literally everyone.

“Hey! is all about not wanting to mess up a good thing. As we were writing it we drew from not only romantic relationships but our friendship with each other. Ultimately the lyrics are all about faking it til you make it. It really came together once we finished the chorus, as we listened back we left the mic on and it captured us screaming the song together in the studio. It really captured the energy of the song and its message of enjoying the good thing while it’s happening.”

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